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The drawing, well known to critics, comes from a group recognisable by the presence, in the upper left corner, of an ancient numbering in pen.

The sheets, originally mounted in pairs in an album, formed a coherent whole in technique and typology. Perhaps it was assembled by Tanzio himself or by an early collector for study or conservation reasons (fig. 1)1.

Antonio d’Enrico, Drapery Study. Originally mounted alongside the study of a shepherd.
Fig. 1. Antonio d’Enrico, Drapery Study. Originally mounted alongside the study of a shepherd.

In 1966 Giovanni Testori suggested to identify the latter with the Varese painter and drawing collector Bartolomeo Carlo Borsetti (1689-1759), who may have received it directly from Tanzio’s heirs.

Other sheets of the same series were part of the prestigious collections of the Milanese historians, merchants and collectors Giuseppe Vallardi (1784-1863), Giovanni Morelli (1816-1891) and Francesco Dubini (1848-1932), who sold some of them to Ulrico Hoepli2. Most of the group was dispersed into the Swiss art market in the mid-20th century, entering numerous international collections3.

Our sheet, originally part of a larger support and probably made from life, investigates the drapery and the position of the hands of a figure identifiable with that of a shepherd or a holy bishop.

Filippo Maria Ferro and Edoardo Testori hypothesised a late dating, establishing a connection with the counterpart figure of the left shepherd in the Announcement to the shepherds frescoed by Tanzio in 1632 on the vault of the church of Santa Maria della Pace in Milan4.

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